After years of development and searching for optimal sound and design, I have developed the comp.two resulting in one of the best sounding modern vari-μ-compressor. This stereo/dual-mono-compressor is optimized for daily professional use. The rockruepel comp. two would not be what it is today, without feedback and advice from colleagues and friends.

The function of the comp.two is based upon the optimized vari-μ-design and never compromising on high-end components and a minimalistic approach. The deciding factor in design were always my ears.

The comp.two is built on fully-balanced tube-circuitry. The main audio path consists of SOWTER input- and output transformers (SOWTER), two high-end coupling capacitors, input- and output-tubes (NOS 6N3 and 6CG7).

• Audiophile, fully symmetrical design
• Aluminium chassis with 6 millimeter front plate
• SOWTER-transformer
• ALPS-pots
• ELMA-stepped pots
• Hoyt-VU-Meter (manual calibration)
• Output tube : 6CG7
• Input tube : NOS 613P
• WIMA-dual capacitor
• Amp-Only-Mode
• Real bypass
• Dual Mono with separate power supply
• Sidechain-Control (54, 74, 110 Hz)