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PhantomFocus eChair™ – Master Engineer Series

The PhantomFocus eChair™ 

Revolutionary new recording engineers chair now available at MasteringWorks Europe

The PhantomFocus™ eChair™ is the perfect companion for, and now an integral part, of the revolutionary PhantomFocus™ System (PFS™) for professional audio monitoring from Carl Tatz Design (CTD). The PhantomFocus eChair is the world’s first chair specifically designed and built for the recording engineer and is now available to all serious recording professionals. Once properly adjusted to each unique physique, the engineer can be “locked in” to the PFS listening sweet spot, heretofore unattainable with any other chair, rendering a consistent listening posture while making slumping virtually impossible.

The PhantomFocus eChair is the pro audio application of the obsessive research and developement done by Steve Knight, a former Grand Prix and Endurance champion Le Mans and Grand Am series racecar driver, to design the ultimate chair for back support and posture. It features advanced mechanics and materials to perform in a manner that actually improves the health of an engineer’s back. The patented ZenWave™ motion provides unbinding, stress-free support as the engineer leans forward in a natural position, and protects the lower back from injury. Additionally, Knight indicates that the scientifically designed backrest moves with the engineer to massage the lumbar area of the spine, which increases blood flow and nutrients to the lower back muscles and intervertebral discs.


PhantomFocus™ System sweet spot lock-in

Patented ZenWave™ motion technology allows you to float forward and backward without harmful pressure

Active Tilt™ seat plate pivots smoothly forward and backward to promote proper spine alignment

Free-Float™ backrest stays with you as you lean forward, giving you continuous support

Customize your seat and backrest position for your body simply using the three lever adjustments

Cool breathable mesh prevents perspiration buildup and keeps your clothes looking fresh and clean.

Sore back? The convex shape of the Free-Float backrest massages and improves blood flow to your lower back

Offered in two striking color combinations:

Silver Mesh Porcelain


Raven Chrome

“In 25 years of composing and programming at a keyboard and DAW, nothing has kept my back as healthy or, through the ergonomics of its design, kept me as physically and mentally poised for the task at hand as the PF eChair – I know, because I’ve tried most of them, including chairs nearly ten times the price.” – Tom Snider, composer/engineer/owner, The News Room, Nashville, TN

“With Tatz’s long time association with world-class studio design and drop-dead monitoring in mind, he has upped the bar with his new PhantomFocus eChair. We purchased one, and our staff immediately demanded another. This is the mixing chair that I (and my lower back) have long sought.” – Mike Kolar, engineer/producer/founder, Soundscape Studios – Chicago, IL

“Our Aeron chairs provide comfortable seating for clients however, working at the console I can mix on the PhantomFocus eChair for a full day, and when I stand up, I feel like I haven’t been sitting at all. It has by far the best support for my back of any chair I have tried.” – Sean Spence, engineer/producer/owner, The Blue Grotto – Nashville, TN

Seat dimensions: W 50cm  D 48cm
Overall width with arms attached: 23”

Overall depth: 19”

Cylinder 1 adjustable height range: 19.5” – 25”

Base diameter: 24”
Weight with arms: 48 lbs (41 lbs. without arms)

Weight Capacity: 375 lbs

Shipping weight is 55 lbs
Box size: 23x23x28