MANULTEC – Smart Audio Controls

The MT-E.8012 ORCA BAY is the new flagship analog hardware equalizer from MANULTEC Smart Audio Controls. The unit stands out with unique sonic character only met by its exquisite beauty. It takes the knowledge and research we cultivated in the last years to the next level, by re-examining every detail to enhance sound and feel. MANULTEC´s sophisticated circuit provides ultra tight low end and vibrant dynamic projection to highlight the distinct sound of the ORCA. The minimal, yet beautiful design offers a timeless appearance and makes this equalizer an absolute joy to use.


– Powerful stereo solid state equalizer with all passive tone sculpting circuit.
– Manufactured with selected premium components.
– Ease of operation through clearly arranged interface design.
– Antique bakelite knobs for comfortable handling.
– Optional stepped ATTEN and FOCUS controls available.
– Subbass meter “DUBBY’s Lämple” indicates low frequency content.



Always striving for something special, the MANULTEC brand was founded by Manu Schlindwein and Phil Kullmann in Cologne, Germany, 2015. Based on our experience „if you can’t find what you need, you have to build it yourself“, we decided to put pen to paper and design something new. We are musicians, designers and adventurers who create tools that reflect our values. We are committed to premium materials only, a minimalistic design aesthetic and clear attention to detail. Our team is our friends, the people who inspire us day by day. We live to explore.

Try out the ORCA!

The gear you use says something about you.
Some things will never go digital.

– Transformer balanced in- and outputs.

– Hand-wound inductors for high boost.

– Discrete opamp make-up gain control in 1/2dB steps.

– Strictly handwired with VOVOX sound conductors (purum certified).

– Hand-crafted in MANULTEC´s boutique custom shop in Germany.