Juice Box

The Retrospec Juice Box is a high voltage all tube transformerless direct inject. It boasts an incredibly low noise floor, amazingly wide frequency response, and a super high impedance input resulting in larger than life crystal clear audio.The Juice Box has a no-compromise design, with a fully discrete audio path, robust linear power supply, all through hole circuitry, and manufactured in the USA. The Juice Box is tube buffered, avoiding unwanted loading caused by effects pedals and amplifiers and the balanced xlr output has enough variable gain to supply a line level signal if desired, negating the need for a preamp. It has an unparalleled sound; clear, punchy, and present without any of the harshness or smallness of other direct boxes. The Juice Box excels in the studio for electric and upright bass, keyboards, and any other direct recording duties. In live situations it makes acoustic instruments with pickups shine through monitors and front of house, making thin, clicky acoustic guitars a thing of the past. It’s robust construction can take the wear and tear of repeated studio use and the demands of the road. The Juice Box is a product of classic design that aspires to the highest quality of modern sound and recording, and will become an indispensable tool to your recordings and live performance.


  • High Voltage, all tube, transformerless design
  • High impedance 1/4” tube buffered input
  • Balanced XLR output with up to +20dBu of gain
  • Internal linear power supply for stability and reliability
  • +20 variable, 0, and -10 output gain modes
  • Audio ground lift switch
  • Solid Aluminum chassis construction
  • 1 year warranty

Controls: +20 variable, 0, -10 gain switch, audio ground lift

Frequency Response: 10Hz-100+KHz +/-1dB

Noise Floor: -90dBu

Input Impedance: 2.5MΩ

Gain: +20dBu

Inputs 1/4” TS

Outputs: 1/4” TS and balanced XLR