Sterling Modular

Plan C

The Plan C console features the same generous gear capacity as the Plan B. The wrap-around shape optimizes your ability to view and adjust the controls while keeping you in the critical sound field.

The console is angled at 30 degrees (the optimum L-R speaker angle), which helps to equalize the early reflections of all three front speakers. The flat surfaces between the “Rack Pods” are perfect for mounting half-rack scopes and other smaller pieces of gear.

The design features that reduce the acoustic footprint are present on this and all of our Plan Series consoles and Mixer Conversions.

36ru total in the upper desk bays,
18ru total in the lower front bays, and
18ru total in the lower rear bays.
Many accessories and options are available to help you personalize your Plan C console. View the Plan C gallery for configuration ideas.

Very low profile

Maximum air flow for thermal venting

Generous rackspace available :

  • 36 total ru in the upper desk bays
  • 18 total ru in the lower front bays
  • 18 total ru in the lower rear bays

Deskwidth ca 156cm wide, 25cm deep