Cologne / Germany

Fisheye Music Mastering


For more than 20 years Stefan Heger has worked as an Audio Mastering Engineer for domestic and international artists, gaining experience and talent in places such as Sterling Sound and Flux Studios in New York City, Elephant Studios in Rome as well as m2Sound in Cairo.
Not only a mastering engineer, Stefan is also a consultant and networker in the international music scene working to bring the right people together and helping to create optimal results.

With the help of the late, renowned acoustic designer Larry Swist, Stefan has recently re-modeled his mastering studio optimizing his space and creating an exquisite, state of the art acoustic and listening environment.

Fisheye Music Studio focuses on analog mastering, using a transfer console by Chris Muth aka Dangerous Music , 1⁄2“ Tape Machine (Ampex ATR100), analog mastering equalizers and compressors including Pultec, Rockruepel, Chandler, API etc. , and premium conversion by Microsonic Pacific and Forsell.
Select monitors designed by Mick Guzauski as well as wiring exclusively with VoVox cabels creates modern and precise listening.

With the touch of a button, we instantly switch between a puristic Stereo Mastering Chain and a 24 Channel Stem Mixing with analog summing and analog outboard gear and a Surround 5.1 setup using a complete Focalchar39s Solo 6 monitor system.