This limiter combines actual brick-wall limiting control, sound design for uneven mixes as well as single track level control.

Built with the best components available on the market and a new, modern design based on limiters used back in the days.

Rockruepel redesigned and optimized the use of real transformers and a side-chain VCA control to allow absolute precise control. The features a new kind of switch to control the precise point of the threshold, output gain and speed settings. The unit can operate in mono or stereo and has a hard wire bypass. An alternate output allows splitting of the signal !

Key Features:

• New way of analog limiting !
• Maximum loudness without shaving off peaks
• 100% analog circuitry
• Precise control with new multidial pot
• Elma Output and Release pots
• Hardwired bypass
• Alternative output for additional access
• ED-Mod (EDM) High Pass Filter in sidechain
• Mono or stereo enable
• Precise limiting led
• Symmetric transformer based inputs
• Aluminium-chassis with 6mm faceplate

Frequency Response :

40Hz – 15 kHz ± 0,35 dB
20Hz – 20 kHz ± 0,73 dB

Gain  0 – +5 dB

Max. Outputlevel ( 40Hz k3 -50dB ) +24dBu

Voltage 115/230V AC

Power consumption 5W

Balanced input , ground free

Inputresistor ⪴ 30kOhm

Input damping @ 15kHz ⪴ -60dB

Balanced Output

Output reistor  ⪴ 80Ohm

Output damping @ 15kHz ⪴ -42dB

Clirr k3:
40Hz 1kHz 6,3 kHz
-57dB -77B -67dB
at +4dBu

Noise  :
(at working level + 4dBu Input and Output control at 5 )
pGer ⪴ -75 dBqs ( CCIR 486 )
pFr ⪴ -85 dBq ( bandwidth 10Hz – 30 kHz )