This limiter combines actual brick-wall limiting control, sound design for uneven mixes as well as single track level control.

Built with the best components available on the market and a new, modern design based on limiters used back in the days.

Rockruepel redesigned and optimized the use of real transformers and a side-chain VCA control to allow absolute precise control. The features a new kind of switch to control the precise point of the threshold, output gain and speed settings. The unit can operate in mono or stereo and has a hard wire bypass. An alternate output allows splitting of the signal !

In our revision of the we added a new feature called ED-Mod (inspired by EDM).
The Mod enables a high pass filter at around 225Hz with a 6dB slope in the side chain to allow for more consistency and transparency in the bass frequencies. The limit threshold will now effect only higher frequencies for tone and dynamic control. Specially in bass heavy mixes you will enjoy this feature ! For brick wall limiting you need to select the limit mode !

Key Features:

• New way of analog limiting !
• Maximum loudness without shaving off peaks
• 100% analog circuitry
• Precise control with new multidial pot
• Elma Output and Release pots
• Hardwired bypass
• Alternative output for additional access
• ED-Mod (EDM) High Pass Filter in sidechain
• Mono or stereo enable
• Precise limiting led
• Symmetric transformer based inputs
• Aluminium-chassis with 6mm faceplate


40Hz – 15 kHz ± 0,35 dB
20Hz – 20 kHz ± 0,73 dB

Verstärkung 0 – +5 dB

Maximaler Ausgangspegel ( 40Hz k3 -50dB ) +24dBu

Betriebsspannung 115/230V AC

Leistungsaufnahme 5W

Eingang symmetrisch, erdfrei

Eingangsscheinwiderstand im Übertragungsberreich ⪴ 30kOhm

Eingangsunsymmetriedämpfung bei 15kHz ⪴ -60dB

Ausgang symmetrisch

Ausgangsscheinwiderstand im Übertragungsberreich ⪴ 80Ohm

Ausgangsunsymmetriedämpfung bei 15kHz ⪴ -42dB

Klirrfaktor k3:
40Hz 1kHz 6,3 kHz
-57dB -77B -67dB
Bei +4dBu

Fremd und Geräusch Pegel :
(Bezugen auf Arbeitspegel + 4dBu Eingangs und Ausgangs Regler auf 5 )
pGer ⪴ -75 dBqs ( CCIR 486 )
pFr ⪴ -85 dBq ( Bandbreite 10Hz – 30 kHz )