Dangerous Music

Dangerous Master


Before co-founding Dangerous Music, our lead electrical designer, Chris Muth, became an industry legend for his custom mastering consoles built for the most elite studios. Decades later, these consoles are still coveted for their incredible headroom, their robust, musical sound, and the crystal clear sonics demanded by top-tier pros. Costing tens-of-thousands of dollars, those legendary consoles have been used to master thousands of hit records. Dangerous Music offered Muth’s designs to the public at affordable prices for the first time, and the MASTER quickly became a staple in mastering rooms everywhere. Through meticulous research, development and design we were able to offer the MASTER in just two rack spaces while sacrificing absolutely nothing in the sound or build quality. Since its introduction, the MASTER has continued the Muth legacy – as well as the endless stream of hits to pass through his circuits.


  • Hand built in the USA with the best components possible

  • Legendary Chris Muth circuit design with pristine audio quality

  • Stepped controls throughout

  • Transparent and silent operation

  • Seamless connection with the Dangerous LIAISON

  • Integrated Mid/Side processing

  • 2 stereo inputs, 3 stereo outputs (one for monitoring)

  • 3 insert loops


    While some engineers are willing to run their mastering processes digitally – or “in the box” as the familiar phrase goes – the top professionals all rely on analog mastering equipment to achieve truly successful final production masters. When you purchase top-shelf analog equipment like the MASTER, you’re making an investment that will last your entire career. Because there’s no operating system, plugins, DAW or computer to become incompatible and, thus, obsolete, your analog gear will never require expensive upgrades. As one of the centerpieces in your mastering studio, the MASTER pulls all of your analog investment pieces together into an elegant “mastering rig” with a workflow and sound quality previously only known to those able to pay tens-of-thousands of dollars for custom mastering consoles.

Attenuator accuracy
0.02dB (0.01dB typical)

THD+Noise in audio band

IMD 60Hz + 4kHz 4:1

Crosstalk rejection
Better than 95dB @ 1kHz

> +27dBu, +23dBu in the matrix under worst case conditions

Frequency response
Better than 0.2dB down @ 1Hz and 100kHz

Noise floor
< -89dBu total energy in the audio band