Sterling Modular

Slide-Out Keyboard Tray

Sterling Modular Keyboard Tray, fits any sterling modular studio furniture (exceptions: multistation composer 2- & 3-bay) with very easy assembly due to predrilled holes,

– fits also to other desks (requiring only 25.4 cm of depth),

– slides out smoothly and “auto retracts” into final position,

– clear height of 2.54 cm (adjustable to 6.35cm) to accomodate almost any computer keyboard and mouse (or trackball)

– extending 19 cm over the front boundary of the desk,

– the keyboard shelf is 1.3 mm. steel with a black powder coat finish,

– the sliding mechanism (metal) is rated at 20 kg,

– slide supports are 2.54 cm thick mdf with durable-waterborn texture finish,

dimensions wdh: 686 x 229 x 25,4 mm